Old-School Arcade Action

Sit down side-by-side and enjoy frantic, two-player, old-school, arcade action.

The Saga Begins

"The Trials" is part one of the Square Saga, a story of struggle, rise and freedom.

Fast Fun & Family-friendly (FFF)

Square Saga games strive to be fast, fun and always family-friendly; great for all ages.


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The Trials

Part I of the Square Saga: The Trials. Your worldview as a Square is very narrow; dig, find, fight. You belong to one of the many rival clans which scour the ancient sphere, known as Earth, at the behest of your spherical overlord. Though the Spheres desire knowledge acquired from artifacts that the ancients left behind, you know only battle.

For you, each new day is a new trial; a testing of your your ability to dig through the post-apocalyptic Earth, to master the art of wielding rock cannons and uranium powered lasers, to consume a multitude of power-drinks without losing control, and ultimately, to vanquish your rival.

Do you have what it takes to rise to the top of your clan?

Game Features

  • Local player-vs-player acade action - A perfect party game!
  • Fun, fast, and family friendly (FFF)
  • Several Varieties Of Match Gameplay:
    • Skill Challenge (1-Player): Challenge an AI opponent to test your skills
    • Quick Match (2-Player): Pick your Squares configuration and PLAY!
    • Best Of Series (2-Player): See Who Comes Out On Top After A Best Of 3/5/7/... sries of matches.
    • Tournament (3+ Players):Have a round-robin tournament with as many players as you like.
  • Easy to learn control scheme with quick matches (typically 2 minutes or less).
  • Each battle-arena map is procedurally generated so that no two matches are the same.
  • Choose from one of three Square configurations before each match; fast, balanced and slow (each has its own unique play characteristics).
  • Create and store your own named & colored Squares in the database to be used in tournaments (human or AI).
  • Backstory tutorial video which introduces you to the Square Saga universe and explains key gameplay mechanics.

Skill Challenge Features

  • Single player versus AI controlled opponent.
  • Choose your AI opponent's difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard or Insane (each difficulty can be configured as fast/balanced/slow).
  • Choose your own Square's configurations and fight!

Quick Match Features

  • Two players versus each other; grab a friend.
  • Each of you choose your own Square's configurations and fight!

Best Of Series Features

  • Identical to Quick Match, but you specify how many matches you want to compete in.
  • Matches continue until winner is determined, at which time, the final standings are shown.

Tournament Features

  • First select the number of players to participate in the tournament.

  • Next, fill the required number of participants from the Square database; choose from existing players and/or create new ones.

  • You may create your own named and colored Squares for tournament play (including AI players).

  • Start the tournament; players will be prompted in the Square configuration screen when their match is about to start.

  • Continue playing matches until the round-robin tournament is complete; the final standings will be shown at the end of the tournament.

Square Saga

In a universe governed by spherical overlords, where unbroken curvature and roundness reign supreme, a small race of Squares struggles to survive. For generations, the Squares have endured a harsh existence, forced to dig, find, and fight amongst themselves for the advancement of the Spheres.

The Spheres' desire is to unravel the knowledge and mysteries of the ancient ones; and no greater mystery did the ancients leave than that of "The Portal", an interstellar door which, to date, cannot be opened. Will the key to the portal ever be found? Will the Squares ever rise above their daily trials and inter-clan warfare? What happened to the ancients? Will the shapes of the universe meet the same fate?

To Be Continued...

The Cast

Meet a few of the members of the Square Saga universe.

The Spheres

The mysterious overlords who rule over the Squares with an iron fist. Their prime motivation is gaining knowledge of the ancient ones in order to increase their power and fame.


Best fighter of the Orthogonal clan. Red. Viscious. Hero?


Unlike most Squares, Skoogy prefers dancing to fighting. He secretly lurks around the start of matches, doing his signature dance, "The Skoogy." Maybe you will find him? If you do, you can join his dance which goes like this: "To the right", "To the right", "To the left", "Now up up down!"

Recent News

Single Player vs AI Mode Added

May 22, 2024

We decided to delay the initial relase in order to add a single player mode to the game. Square Saga The Trials now has a single player vs. AI mode which lets you test your skills against an AI opponent. You can select the AI difficulty (EASY/MEDIUM/HARD/INSANE) with any combination of Square configuration (FAST/BALANCED/SLOW). You can also include AI opponents to Tournaments! Our goal is to finish testing over the next week and release immediately after.

Square Saga 'The Trials' Is In BETA

Feb 3, 2024

Exciting news; Square Saga The Trials is now in closed-beta. We are putting some polish on the game and squashing bugs as we find them. The goal is to reach release within a month. Please stay tuned for the latest.